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Children Currently Available in our Platinum Package
Name: Natia Budzianowski
Age: 15 years old
Country: Georgia

An orphan whose parents whereabouts have never been known, she spent six years working in the underage sex-trade, several more years in foster homes, and now needs a new home. She's since discovered our Lord Jesus Christ, pledged a vow of chastity, and has been free of the sins of physical flesh for more than six-months, though suggests that this may be open to negotiation.

Name: Kristof Gorbodon
Age: 17 years old
Country: Czech Republic

About Kristof: Having been born in a time of terrible unrest, Kristof has never known his family, and wants nothing more than a chance to share his intimate love with a caring, generous parent. He is very good with his hands and would like to one day become a male nurse.

Name: Masha Gorbechova
Age: 11 years old
Country: Russia

About Masha: Masha's mother died in child birth, and her father was involved in an industrial accident almost six years ago. Without support, she'll be nothing more than a mere statistic in the orphan system in the faltering nation state. She loves playing with dolls, and would like for a loving family to help her take a bath and show her how best to take her antibiotics, assuming she gives an organ so great as to need it.

Name: Vladimir Corbu
Age: 12 years old
Country: Romania

About Vladimir: The bastard child of an alleged military serviceman and a working class factory mother, Vladimir doesn't even remember a world in which a "family" was a normal situation. Vlad loves to read books in any language, but really prefers to color them, even if they aren't coloring books.

Children Currently Available in our Gold Package
Name: Meagan Lin
Age: 8 years old
Country: North Korea

About Megan: Born into a war-torn nation, this precious angel has bounced from one factory to another, thanks to the kindness and benevolence of her state sponsors, but she dreams of a world with a mother and father, or any combination thereof, by which she can give just a bit of herself in order to embrace and enjoy a better life.

Name: Xian Ne Cha
Age: 11 years old
Country: China

About Xian: Her father was never known to her, and her mother could not be located when she entered into state custody. Xian, or "Shena", as she might like to be called, would love to learn about pasta as a staple to her diet, in place of all the rice she's stuck with every day.

Name: John Lee
Age: 16 years old
Country: China

About John: A strong, strapping, handsome boy, and one of the very few males available for adoption from China, John has charmed our representatives with his limited command of the English language, despite his severe learning disabilities and lack of thumbs. John enjoys tending to small, household animals, but would also like to learn about cooking, cleaning and being a faithful household servant.

Name: Syung-Soo Yoo
Age: 9 years old
Country: South Korea

About Syung-Soo: Having been rescued by customs agents during "mule" work in 2006, Shen is no longer in the possession of drug smugglers, but rather living happily in a not so run down home in the suburbs of Seoul, where she's learned how to knit, weave, assemble small parts onto toys and various other items, and looks forward to days where she can learn the skills of coloring and hugging a loving parent.

Name: Muriel Hu
Age: 14 years old
Country: Singapore

About Muriel: Her mother is an infamous criminal who is not yet in state custody, but is sought. If you have any information, a reward may be offered. Muriel is a "genuinely gendered" person, despite the prevalence of those who live otherwise in Singapore, and would enjoy a family situation where she can maintain her gender, regardless of what other conditions are placed upon her. Our interviews and background checks are thorough, but as long as parent and child alike are pleasured after adoption, we do not become involved in it.

Children Currently Available in our Bronze Package
Name: Maria Garcia
Age: 14 years old
Country: Paraguay

About Maria: She grew up on a her family farm, but her parents allegedly died in a flood late last year. Her time as an orphan is very short, so she will quickly assimilate back into a traditional family unit, and she is very pretty even at her young age. Maria enjoys reading the Bible, darning her undergarments, and arranging flowers from anything that grows locally.

Name: Angela Garciapara
Age: 6 years old
Country: Mexico

About Angela: There is no record of what happened to her family, or to whom she may be related, but she is a dedicated Catholic, already baptized and well on her way to confirmation. Angela has thick, dark hair, and flawless kidneys.

Name: Jorge Gorda
Age: 9 years old
Country: Columbia

About Jorge: It has been suggested that his parents may have been involved in regional conflicts, but this has not been confirmed. He does enjoy play with toy guns, but there's no reason to believe he's "off" in any emotional ways.

Name: Jesus De La Cruz
Age: 13 years old
Country: Panama

About Jesus: From a small fishing village less than twenty-miles from the famous transcontinental canal, Jesus is a good boy and wishes to learn to paint or sculpt.

Name: Mario Gutierrez
Age: 11 years old
Country: Mexico

About Mario: Mario was picked up in a failed border-crossing attempt, accompanied by his mother, who suffered from a urinary tract infection, and wished to cross into Arizona to get modest health coverage. She died weeks later in state custody when the infection spread into the blood stream, and Mario ended up in the care of a Catholic orphanarium.

BEST VALUE - Children in our Onyx Pricing Package
Name: Abbhu Mbutu
Age: 5 years old
Name: Zambia

About Abbhu: When the rebels rolled in, his village was burnt to the ground, and he's since lived in horrific conditions in a minimum-security orphanage. Abbhu is an avid drummer with a strong, natural sense of rhythm and harmonics.

Name: Bngu Hjritnun
Age: 2 years old
Country: Niger

About Bngu: Sweet, little Bngu has perfect health, despite the conspicuous absence of parents. This child has uncommonly big lips, but some parents find that to be an attractive quality for personal reasons.

Name: Amarosya Krubizik
Age: 8 years old
Country: Mozambique

About Amarosya: This curiously masculine girl has strong bones, and would like nothing more than to share her blood and/or marrow with a gracious, loving family member. If you're looking for the loving contribution of scarcer tissues, this may be an ideal child to introduce into your family, assuming a tissue match can be made.

Name: Mriko Adomgono
Age: 6 years old
Country: Zimbabwe

About Mriko: Following an internet crack-down in 2003, Mriko became a lost child. He took to the streets where he lived on petty crime and lesser fraud until he was taken in by a family of grifters who provided for him until the custody became too costly. Mriko loves magic, illusion, and all sorts of slight of hand tricks, and may make a good living some day as a street performer, even without the benefit of being complete in internal organs.

Name: Zroto "Jacob" Ngunu
Age: 19 years old
Country: Zimbabwe

About Jacob: Jacob knows he's in the waning seconds of adoption opportunity, but he's never worked in the sex-trade, nor consumed so much as a snoot of alcohol or illicit drug. He has a solid constitution, perfect health, and never even succumbed to even so much as Malaria or West Nile virus, despite near constant exposure to the mosquitoes that carry them. Zroto is very strong and more than six feet tall, and would love to work on any number of odd jobs around his new home, but time is certainly running out for him and our ability to facilitate his adoption.

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